Is Your Service For Consumers Or Primary Care Offices Sending Consumers On Referrals?

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JohnC asked if the services offered by Veritas Diagnostic Services are “for consumers or primary care offices sending consumers on referrals, or both are possible within the system”?

The services offered by Veritas Diagnostic Services are for both consumers and primary care offices. As long as the consumer has a proper referral (required under federal law) from a doctor, chiropractor or other qualifying healthcare professional then they are good to go and seek out an MRI or CT provider.

For insured patients with low deductibles, many primary care offices will refer patients to their preferred imaging center. This normally happens as a matter of course, with the patient not usually receiving a choice about which imaging center they will attend.

Patients with high deductibles or no insurance face a different scenario – once they receive a referral it is left to the patient to find an imaging center that will perform the scan at an affordable price. This can be quite a daunting task that can involve a lot of calling around and price shopping, which adds to the stress the patient is already under.

We encourage primary care offices to ease the burden on their patients by helping them book their scan with Veritas Diagnostic Services before they leave the office. It takes less than 5 minutes to upload the referral, removes a lot of worry from your patient and provides them with a better experience of their visit to your office.

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